Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you do at an event or what is your style?

This is the question we receive most frequently from clients who have never seen us before. The answer is simply, what ever you would like us to do. Entertaining is not about "what we do", it is about "what you would like us to do for you." One prospective client's idea of a great disc jockey is another's worst nightmare. Imagine us as actors with you providing the script for your vision of the perfect event. That script is our reception form. You may find this document here on our website. Each function we provide entertainment for is designed to meet our client's exact specifications. It is this attention to detail and personal preference that assures the success of your event.

2. What type of audio and lighting equipment will be utilized ?

We use JBL , EAW, Crown, QSC, Rane, Shure, Martin, Mobolazer for our professional sound and lighting equipment. These are by far the best brands available in the commercial market today and used by the majority of concert production worldwide.

3. How will the Disc Jockey dress?

For formal affairs, we dress in a tuxedo or black dress. For less formal functions, jacket and tie, smart casual or as requested by you on our booking confirmation. If your event has a theme such as Hawaiian, tropical or country we can blend into that theme is you desire.

4. Can you give me a better understanding of your musical selection process?

Although we are consummate showmen, we realize that it is not our show, it is your event. You may be as involved or uninvolved in the planning and execution of your musical presentation Our judgement and skill in musical selection is second to none and has been developed over the past three and a half decades. In addition to our hard drive and CD collections of music, Our computers connect with your venue's wireless Internet to give you access to over 14 million songs. Now that is a selection. Do not play lists are also welcome.

5. Does your method of presentation interact with guests?

Presentation is subjective, view us more as actors interpreting a script. This method allows us to be the perfect entertainer to all who hire us. That script is our format reception or event form that allows you to have as much or as little creative control over your event as you feel comfortable with.

6. Will you be setting up during our reception?

Absolutely not, we arrive four to eight hours prior to the start of an event depending on the complexity of the sound and lighting installation as well as the logistical difficulties presented by the venue.

8. What if I request a song that you do not own?

The average wedding reception will only hear 35 to 60 songs depending on the length of the song and event. With over 100,000 selections in our library, we have the most common requests. You are welcome to provide us with legal CDs of music that is not commercially available such as ethnic folk music. Our ability to connect to a venue's wireless Internet helps with this as well.

9. Will I receive a written contract?

Yes, it's important to us that you have a good understanding of the price breakdown and what is involved.

10. Do you carry liability insurance?


11. What if you are have no availability for my date?

We would provide you with the names and numbers of our colleagues who we know and trust to uphold the same high principals and business practices as we do.

12. Will you hang any signs or other advertising at my event?

Never, we are a class act in all respects from the visual presentation to our actual live performance. We receive many requests from guests for business cards which are given out discreetly.

13. Can you work with a band if I decide I want to use a band and a disc jockey?

Yes, we have done this many times over the past years, usually at higher end events. We also can recommend several great bands depending on your desired style and taste.

14. Should I hire a disc jockey or a live band?

The choice is your's but here are some important considerations. A disc jockey only needs himself to guarantee the success of your special day while a band relies on the contributions of many. Bands can not even come close to the selection provided by a great disc jockey's musical library. Bands take breaks while we do not unless you need us to for your program needs such as the best man or maid of honor's toast. Most guests would rather hear the original version of the song they like. DJs cost much less than a band. This represents a better value for your investment. A disc jockey can adjust the volume level much easier than a live band. Background music should only be a loud as the person sitting closest to the speakers is comfortable. The music will obviously be played somewhat louder during dancing of course, but the overall volume is at your discretion at all times. A disc jockey can offer more audience interaction than bands if participation is desired. We have many routines that are creative and unique having been perfected over the thousands of events we have performed. We include basic analog lighting effects at no additional cost. This will provide your dance floor with color and movement which will greatly improve the overall ambiance of your event. In all fairness to live bands, a top quality live band does offer a level of excitement that is unique. Their combination of musical talents and personalities in conjunction with a live performance can be amazing.

Please, Email or call us at any time if you have any additional concerns or questions.