Greetings Bride and Groom:

The form below is our reception format form. This rough outline will allow you to lay out the reception in accordance with your own personalities. You may alter it as needed to fit your own styles. One month before your reception you'll cut and paste this form from our site into the blank body of an email. Next, remove the blank lines as you add your information and email it back to us. Please use no scans, hard copies, proprietary word processing programs, additional file attachments, spreadsheets. Simple text works best for us to create your final presentational format. It's that easy. 


Andy Pratt

Wedding Reception Format Form

Name of Bride and Groom______________________________

Name of wedding reception venue and your reception date_______________________________

Starting time of wedding ceremony and its location______________________________

Number of guests__________

Will any children be attending? Yes_____ No_____

Will you be requiring our ceremony mic/sound package for your wedding guests to hear your ceremony? Yes_____ No_____

Please provide us with an outline of your ceremony if we are providing this service.

Ceremony Outline

Bridal Party Processional Song:______________________________Artist:_____________________________

Bride's Processional Song:_______________________________Artist:_____________________________

Recessional Song:_________________________________Artist:______________________________

Start time and room location of cocktail hour___________________________________

Will you be requiring our secondary audio system package for your cocktail hour ? Yes_____No_____

Musical preference for style of cocktail music________________________________

Will you be having any other musical arrangements for your cocktail hour?Yes____No____

What are they?_____________________________

Note: This nice little extra is used when our clients have selected a location for their cocktail hour that is not the main dancing area. It features a separate high quality JBL/Crown Audio System for background music that is played as your guests mingle prior to entering the dining area. The cocktail music we play tends to range from jazz, Frank Sinatra, Nora Jones and James Taylor but can change depending on our feel of the event and/or your personal preference. The volume level during this time should be maintained so the person closest to the speaker can still carry on a conversation.

Starting time of reception (dining and dancing)_________________________________

Will you be requiring one of our venue enhancing Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Martin Intelligent Lighting Packages?  Yes____ No____

Package level________________

Note: Intelligent computerized lights have the ability to change colors, intensity, produce shapes and images and choreograph their placement in and around the dance floor or room. The correct use of lighting greatly enhances elegance, photos and follows the emotional mood of your guests throughout the night as the excitement builds on your dance floor.

Will you be requiring any of our uplighting packages? These are available in groupings of 8 uplight fixtures, up to 96 uplight fixtures?  Yes____No____

How may uplighting fixtures?____________

Preference on color if possible?____________

Note: Uplights are small fixtures producing vertical beams of light. These are strategically placed around the perimeter of your venue in order to accentuate its architectural design. It also projects one of your wedding colors that best matches the room’s existing colors giving your reception a more coherent integrated feel. It strengthens the feeling that your reception was specifically designed for that room. They are computer controlled, wireless and battery operated avoiding any visual of wires. The end result is absolutely stunning.

Note: Intelligent lighting installations and onsite computer programming of lighting cues takes different amounts of time depending on the venue's forward thinking when they wired the reception area for electrical service. Some venues are far more challenging than others. Thankfully, almost any venue with a couple exceptions can accommodate any size lighting installation. Most forward thinking venues allow advance access to the reception area because they have the best interests of the bride and groom at heart and realize that quality takes time.

Introductions Into The Dining Room

Note: We like to know the feeling that you are looking to achieve as you and your bridal party are introduced into the room. The emotion will be reflected in the background music as well as the voice-over.

Note: To keep the flow of events moving, it helps to have all of your bridal party, including the parents and grandparents, in the introduction lineup area as the rest of your guests are making their way into the dining room at the end of the cocktail hour. The lineup area is generally determined in advance by the establishment. At this point the disc jockey will go over the lineup and double check the names on the list one last time. Ladies are asked to be on the right side with gentlemen on the left. (Grooms take note: This is easy to remember as ladies are always right!) You should not have any drinks in hand as you are introduced. Depending on the establishment, they may take your flowers in advance of your introduction or your photographer may want you to walk in with them to enhance the photographs. If you do walk in with them, the establishment may take them just before you walk onto the dance floor or you may put them on the disc jockey's table or speakers during the dance. If the bridal party is joining the bride and groom on their first dance or if you are planning on a separate bridal party dance, they should wait with their backs to the disc jockey's sound system after they are introduced into the room. This will enhance your pictures by featuring your bridal party in the background instead of the disc jockey and sound system. A small percentage of photographers may have additional instructions such as wanting everyone to pause for a picture as they are introduced.

Note: Feel free to configure your names and introduction list as needed. Any variations of the basic introduction format including triads, two best men, a maid and matron of honor are welcome. Make sure your bridal party knows in advance where to sit if you are having a head table. This can be an awkward situation, a.k.a. deer in the headlights, if not explained in advance. Fill in this list in the EXACT ORDER YOU WANT THEM TO BE INTRODUCED INTO THE ROOM. This does not have to match the order from the ceremony. Please do not list names of Best Man and Maid of Honor twice. 

Family and Bridal Party Introductions

Introduction style to be announced by: Mellow Introduction _____ Upbeat Introduction_____Wild Introduction______

Grandparents of the Bride: Will they be walking in? Yes______ No_______

Will they be recognized at their table?Yes______ No ______



Grandparents of the Groom: Will they be walking in? Yes______ No_______

Will they recognized at their table? Yes______ No ______



Parents of the Bride:



Parents of the Groom:



Bridesmaids and Groomsmen:

____________________ escorted by ____________________

____________________ escorted by ____________________

____________________ escorted by ____________________

____________________ escorted by ____________________

____________________ escorted by ____________________

Flower Girl


Ring Bearer


Maid of Honor_____ or Matron of Honor_____ 


The Very Best Man


Bride and Groom: (as you wished be be announced together)


First Dance Song___________________________ Artist________________________

Will the first dance be held after your formal introduction into the reception hall? Yes_____ No______

Will the bridal party be joining you on this dance? Yes______ No______

Note: Immediately following the end of the first dance or bridal party dance the entire bridal party should make their way to the head table with the bride going first and the groom second as we play background music to fill this void. The groom should pull out the chair for the bride as she is seated. The groom will sit second. The ushers may pull the chairs for the bridesmaids if they wish and then the ushers will sit in any order after the last bridesmaid has been seated. This is a very classy formality if executed correctly. Once the entire bridal party is seated you will hear the announcement introducing the blessing if you have selected one. If there is no blessing, we will proceed to the toast.

Will anyone be offering a blessing? Name__________________
(The person giving the blessing should also be briefed on the operation of the microphone as listed above.)

Will there be a toast? Yes_____ No_____
Very Best Man______________________

Note: VERY IMPORTANT: The best equipment available is worthless if not used properly. We will provide wireless microphone to the best man for the toast after everyone is seated. It should be held as close to the mouth as possible (1/4" is perfect) and the bottom of the microphone should point away from you as you speak. Unfortunately, there is a tendency, due to nerves or stress, for a person speaking to hold the microphone away from the mouth or worse, let it drop 12 to 18 inches down from the mouth. If this occurs no one will hear a word the individual says and a very awkward situation will occur. Because proximity to the speaker, only the groom or bride could drop the subtle hint for the person speaking to hold the microphone closer. The microphone will already be on when it is given to the person speaking. PLEASE DO NOT ADJUST ANY OF THE SETTINGS ON THE UNIT OR TRY AND TURN IT OFF AFTER YOU HAVE FINISHED SPEAKING. Leave the microphone on the head table. The disc jockey or in a few cases, the photographer will retrieve the unit. 

Will your Maid or Matron of Honor toast as well? Yes____ No____


Will we be giving away your centerpieces? Yes____ No ____ We have several unique, creative and entertaining ways to accomplish this.

(The disc jockey will give instructions to all in attendance if you have selected this option)

Note: Getting the dancing started after dinner: Individually thanking everyone for coming to your wedding is an enjoyable experience but the time required to do this may not be practical with larger groups or long-winded guests. It can stall the event. People will start asking us when "we" are going to get things going which can create an awkward situation. Thanking them at the church with a receiving line is the best way to accomplish this time-honored tradition. To maintain the forward momentum after dinner, the parental dances should take place when the last twenty to thirty percent of your guests are still finishing their meal. The reason for this is the tables that are served first would be waiting around too long if we waited until all of your guests had completely finished their meals. The more guests you have at your reception the more important this issue becomes. All individuals participating in the parental dances must be present before the first dance starts. The father of the bride will be asked to escort his daughter to the dance floor for the father-daughter dance. Following this dance, the groom will be asked to escort his mother to the dance floor for the mother-son dance. Following the parental dances, your guests will formally be invited to the dance floor and the main body of the dancing will occur. A slow song is always used for the first open dancing song.

                                                                       After Dinner Event

Will you be having a Father/Daughter Dance? Yes______ No______ (this dance is held after dinner)

If Yes, Song________________________ Artist_________________________

Will you be having a Mother/Son Dance? Yes______ No______ (this dance is held after dinner)

If Yes, Song________________________ Artist_________________________

Will there be a Cake Cutting? Yes_____ No ______

Note: The average time this occurs is about fifteen to thirty minuets after dinner or in accordance with the caterer’s preference. The timing of this event is slightly staggered to allow the staff ample time to clear the tables before the cake is served. You will be informed by the disc jockey that the caterer is ready for the cake cutting. You make your way to the cake table. Make sure the groom is still wearing his jacket to enhance your pictures. The announcement will be made to your guests that this event is about to take place to give them ample time to get their cameras ready. As some of your guests make their way to the cake for a picture, you will hear background music start. This is your cue to follow your photographer's instruction for cutting the cake and feeding each other. Some photographers don't offer instructions so you may want to discuss in advance how you will perform the cutting and feeding.

Will you be throwing the Garter and Bouquet? Yes_____ No ______ (this takes place about an hour after dinner)
The disc jockey will guide everyone through this event if held.

Would you prefer to present your bouquet to the couple who has been married the longest with an Anniversary Dance? Yes_____ No_____

Please list any other songs/dances you would like to have included. 


Note: To verify availibillity of song selections, any specific requests should be located on iTunes, the largest legal provider of music online. No sites such as YouTube should ever be consulted when considering media content as they are of inferior quality.

Song Title/Artist