Incredible  school events with Martin Intelligent Lighting and  JBL Concert Audio System Systems

Prom at the Gideon Putnam Hotel in Saratoga Springs

Create a custom mix of music for your dinner hour and dancing

State of the art multiple computers control the sound and lighting environments

Our JBL Concert Audio Systems weighing 750 to 1500 pounds create true concert sound.


The heat of the moment as the prom goes into overdrive...

Sagamore Resort Prom

Requests gladly accepted

Why settle for a sub-standard entertainer with inferior equipment when you can have the very best?

Bring it! crowd is too large for us to manage

Creating the very best school memories one song mix at a time

You may even sing along.....

Specilized whole room lighting systems turn your venue into a high tech club

You're welcome!

Photography services are available as well.


A stunning blend of colors

Music you can really feel!

Nights like this are the norm for our spectacular school events...

Spectacular fashion bathed in deep rich color from our computer controlled controlled lighting...

One more more more more song....

Accept nothing but the best!

You want glow sticks? We got glow sticks!

My kind of crowd!!!

Paint the room with moving color....

Your prom installation may be as elaborate as you desire.

Our lighting installations are incredibly high tech

Constantly changing and moving to the music