Unconditional love...

A heart to heart talk...

At 225 pounds this eating machine feeds three times a day!

Still, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed as he repeatedly tries to fit through the cat door!


Dad, I have a cool idea for Halloween. I can be the headless horseman!

In life, if you want to see rainbows then you have to have a little rain.

The last three seconds of a bug's life

In a family it's very important that everyone gets along well

Ice cream, ice cream, I want my ice cream, how about a little service around here!

Hello Kitty.......Goodbye Kitty!

Poor Mongo...he's a bit overly sensitive if you ask me.

Where does your money go?  Hmm...it's a valid question. We have a charming child and a dog who eats more than our entire family combined. You can see it in  eyes as he gives you that "So whats for dinner?" look.

Strangely enough he likes to go tubing...

The over size hound has grown on us though....