These unsolicited letters of thanks were received from our past clients. The original copies are on file and available for inspection.


It has taken me awhile to send this email, but we wanted to say THANK YOU for the BEST reception any two people could have had! You made our wedding day, a day to remember FOREVER. Can't possibly tell you how many people said what a wonderful time it was, and we owe it all to you. We have given your name to virtually everyone and certainly hope that they call you. We will never call another DJ, that is for sure! Thanks again. God Bless.

Cindy and J.J.

Dear Andy,

I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for making their wedding one of the best and most fun weddings we have ever been to. Everyone was telling us how much fun they had. If you noticed, most people stayed to the end. I had many people coming up to me asking who the DJ was. It's been awhile since we went to a wedding where people danced all night. I have to apologize again that they never picked out their selections until it was too late. You did a brilliant job of choosing the right tunes.

Thanks again for giving Jennifer and Andy a wedding that all who attended will not forget.

Maureen & Bill

Dear Andy:

Thank you so much for providing us with the greatest wedding day entertainment ever! Everyone loved you, including us. You do very well with last minute nervous bride emotions! You kept everyone dancing and we had a great time. The best part of the day was the feeling we got from everyone who helped us that day. You were more than "a DJ", you were "our DJ" and it was great that you all knew and loved each other! The best recommendation came when people said, "Andy is your DJ?" "You are going to have a great reception!", and we did.

Thank You Again,

Alison & Anthony

Dear Andy & Lynn:

We both want to thank you so much for really making our reception a blast. All that we have been hearing is the DJ was excellent, and how much fun everyone had. Thanks again.


Edward and Denise

Dear Andy & Lynn:

We would like to send the both of you and extra special thanks for the outstanding job that was done at our wedding on 9-19-98.

As you know, the music and DJ can make or break a party. We had the added bonus of having both of you there and hope you enjoyed yourselves, because we know everyone there did!

Several people complimented on how great and smoothly you kept things moving. My dad and my brother (the dance machines) had a blast - as if you couldn't tell! :-)

Your introduction was great! We still laugh thinking about it!

We really appreciated your top notch service and have already started recommending you both for our upcoming friend's weddings!

Thank you for making our day that much more memorable!

Amy & Mike

Dear Lynn (and Andy!)

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. Everyone had an amazing time, telling us it was the best wedding they had ever been to! Lynn, you kept the crowd going all night, and Andy, thanks for stopping by for the last hour, it was fun!


Karen and Glen


Just a note of thanks for the fabulous job you did at our reception. Everyone had a great time in large part to you and your professionalism. It made our day more special and enjoyable.

Thanks again,

Jim and Beth


Thank you very much for all you did for our wedding. The show was wonderful. You had many compliments and I was so happy you had the date open and could personally do the show for us.


Sue and Michael Gerrain


Thank you for a great party Saturday, November 4, 2000.  Everyone had a great time. We will highly recommend you!!!

Good luck,

The Webers

Dear Andy:

We can't thank you enough for helping to make our June 3rd, 2000 wedding at the Queensbury Hotel a perfect evening. Our guests felt special, taken care of and humored by your DJ skills. One of our most memorable moments was when our guests sang to us. We can't thank you enough for helping give us the "perfect wedding"

Heather and Greg


Thank you so much for making or special day complete. You did a wonderful job with everything! We had many compliments about you. We are grateful having had you as our DJ.

Thank you again,

Lydia & Rian

Dear Andy:

Everyone had a wonderful time at Rachel & Jeff's reception and a great deal of the credit goes to you. You do a great job. If you ever need a good reference, we would be happy to give one.

Thanks again,

Beth 5/21/97

Dear Lynn and Andy:

I just want to let you know how much we all appreciate the wonderful job you did for Elaine's party. Thank you for making it a big success. Without you, it wouldn't have been possible. Thank you again, for caring, and for being our friends.

Merle, John & Elaine


Jim and I would once again like to thank you for the wonderful job you did for our wedding reception! Everything was so perfect and we were exceptionally pleased with your performance! Thanks again for making our wedding day so special.

Jim and Dori


Wow! Thank you for helping to make our reception so memorable! Everyone had an awesome time, thanks to you. They complimented on how great the music and deejay were. We are so appreciative of everything you have done.

Thank you,

Mike & Kerrie


Thank you for making our wedding reception such a great success. Everyone enjoyed the great job you did. You kept everyone going. Several people enjoyed the music so much they have asked for your phone number. Hopefully they will call you!

Thanks again,

Michael and Karla


Thanks so much for all your wonderful music. The selection was perfect. You were great. We share our joy with you!

Merry Christmas,

Chris, Angie & Avery

Nicole & Ben

Dear Lynn:

I just wanted to write you a little note to let you know what a great job we thought you did at our wedding. Our family and friends can't stop telling us about what a great time they had and how much they enjoyed "the party"

We can see on the video and in the photos just what they mean! We know we have you to thank for that and we really do appreciate your hard work. If there is ever a time that we can help out with a referral, please let us know. Best wishes to you and Andy and take care.

Jennifer and Sean

Double H Hole In The Woods Ranch For Terminally And Critically Ill Children, Founded by Paul Newman and Charles R. Wood

Andy Pratt:

On behalf of Double H Hole In The Woods Ranch, I would like to thank you for being a part of our 2001 season. We aim to provide opportunities to our campers that they may not otherwise be able to experience. Your contribution and participation in our program aids us in fulfilling this goal. Your entertainment was very much appreciated by all the children. Your time and effort truly does make a difference in the lives of the children.

Health and Happiness,


Program Director


Thank you so much for making our wedding day extra special. We had such a great time, mostly because of the great job you did. All of the guests are still talking about what a great time they had and what an outstanding DJ I had!

Thanks again,

Lyle & Jodie

Hello Lynn.

This is Johna and Tom Ferry. We just wanted to thank

you very much for doing a wonderful job and helping to

make our wedding perfect. Thank you so much

Johna & Tom

Kathy & Steve Wedding, October 30, 1996

Andy Pratt:

I'm sorry it took me so long to get this to you. I have to tell you that a year and a half ago when we started to plan Kathy's wedding, you were not our first choice for DJ. We went through several parents weekends at Sienna College with *** *******, but someone booked him one week before we called. You were recommended by several people we were planning the wedding with and we did not know anyone else in the area. Then my nephew Jason told us that we just had to hire you because you were the greatest. Jason died a year ago, but I do believe he made a fantastic contribution to the wedding. The entertainment you provided was absolutely outstanding. In all of our wildest dreams we could never have imagined that our daughter's wedding could have been so perfect. I would also like to thank you for recommending Execustar Limo Service. I did not understand what could make one limo service better than another, but their pleasant and professional approach and the attention they paid to Kathy in the church made our day all the more enjoyable.

Thank you again for everything. You will always be our first choice.


Tom & JoAnn


Thank you so much for making our wedding day great. We have had tons of compliments on you and referred you to many people. You did an excellent job!

Thanks again,

Chad & Denise 5-20-00

Dear Andy:

We wanted to send you a note of thanks to let you know how happy we were with all your work at the reception (and ceremony) for our wedding. You were absolutely terrific, we have had more compliments than we can count on the music and presentation. Thank you also for the work on the "surprise" entrance for John.

He'll never forget it. Thanks again.



Dear Lynn:

Thank you so much for helping to make our day a success. You were great and many guests complimented your abilities! We will continue to recommend you to others because it is well deserved. You helped to make our wedding day one that we will never forget.

Lisa and Brian

Andy and Lynn:

Many thanks to you both for all your help in putting our wedding together. You saved me a lot of time by giving me names and numbers of photographers, cake bakers etc. So your extra efforts are greatly appreciated.

Lynn, we hope you had a semi-relaxing day. We're going to have a mountain top party next year, same time, same place, so if you're available for Sunday Memorial Day Weekend and would like to come back...."Book us in for the year 2000!" Take-care and I'll send ya a group picture when I get them back. Both of us appreciate much more than we can say, the extra joy you added to our happy wedding day.

Sandy and Scott


You were excellent, I can't thank you enough. We want you for our anniversary party. You made the day perfect for Jeff and I.

Thank you,

Sue and Jeff


You did a great job at our wedding last month! Thank you, and may all your crowds be as illustrated as ours. We would recommend you to anyone and everyone.

Steve and Christine

Dear Andy:

Thank you so much for a fantastic time! You made the reception so much fun. Everyone was talking about you and how great of a time they had! I'm so sorry I didn't get to say hello to Lynn. The limo driver was waiting a half hour. Please accept my apology. Again I will take you up on your offer of skiing and if you are ever in the mood for crab cakes don't hesitate to call us!

Thanks again,

Julie and Rob


Chris and I wanted to thank you for making our reception such a blast! Everyone had a great time. It is definitely a night we will never forget.

Thanks again!

Chris and Christine


This is long overdue, but a huge thank you for the fantastic job you did at Pat Ryan's party We appreciate everything you did and the great price. Everyone has said what a great party it was and you were a big part of that success! So again....Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Christine and Ron

P.S. Everyone in the E.S. wants to make it an annual event. "The Harvest Howl" We all hope you would be interested again.

Dear Andy:

To the best DJ, a great big thank you for a job well done at our wedding! No one compares to you when it comes to great entertainment! My guests loved you! Thank you for making our day extra special.


Theresa & Patrick

Dear Andy:

We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did at our June 28th wedding. All of my guests enjoyed themselves a great deal. Without your great show, I don't think it would have been a party. Enclosed is a photo from the wedding.

Thanks again!

Margaret & Jeremy


Just wanted to thank you for making the trip to Malone and being a key part of our wedding day. We really had a great time! So many of our guests made it a point to tell us our wedding celebration was the best. They all wanted to know who you were and where you came from. I recall seeing you at Scott Henning's wedding and then again at our high school reunion which were also held in Malone. I also remember you from your Lake Placid Hilton days. You have a special talent. I have been back into the banquets & Catering scene at the Crown Plaza, about ten miles outside of Boston and I see a lot of DJs. You are by far the best!

Thanks again!

Ann and Charlie

Dear Andy:

It was great to have you share our wedding day with us. Thank you so much for the great tunes that day! You were perfect :-) Everyone really enjoyed it! Thanks for all your help. Friendship, Bee well, See you soon,

Jen and Jim

Dear Andy:

Thank you so much for the great job you did at our wedding. We had more fun than I thought was possible. I really appreciate that you asked for my input in regard to the audience involvement. I am glad now that we did it! That was the funniest thing ever! The dancing waitresses were a blast too. David and I have received many compliments about you. We'll be seeing you in a few months at my cousin, Kim Nicholson's wedding.


David and Naomi

Dear Andy:

Thank you for doing such a great job at our reception. Everyone had a great time and we were impressed with how you got everyone dancing! Both Joe and I really appreciated your knowledge and professionalism. It was a pleasure working with you!

Darlene and Joe

Dear Andy: October 2nd

Just a short note of thanks! Everyone enjoyed themselves, especially James and I. Thanks for your great talent. Again, thank you for helping to make our day so wonderful.


Kelly and James


All I can say is Wow! You were fantastic! (We had no doubt about it :-)) Everyone wanted to know where you were from. I just want to thank you for making the party! It always depends on the DJ and we were blessed with you.

Amyanne and Keith Checca

To Andy Pratt:

Thank you!!Thank you!!Thank you!!Thank you!!Thank you!!Thank you!!Thank you!!Thank you!!Thank you!!Thank you!!Thank you!!Thank you!! ABSOLUTELY SUPERB

Thank you for making our wedding so enjoyable! Everyone has been asking us who our DJ was!

Mark and Jody

Andy and Lynn:

Thank you very much. You were very professional and understanding. Everyone loved the music, I can't thank you enough, God bless.

Kathy & Patrick


Thank you for doing such a wonderful job as our DJ at our wedding. You were a real hit with our guests. You were the first (and only) DJ we contacted. Our first impression was right on the mark! Our trip to Maui was wonderful, we're ready to go again.

Mary & Paul


Thanks for helping make the big day a success and thanks for being available and so helpful with the planning!

Katy & Paul

Lynn Pratt:

Thanks for the wonderful, enduring memories for the wedding 8/18/00 of Heather and Wayne at the Franklin Plaza in Troy.

We cannot believe we were able to have you do the music, especially on such short notice.

You made this a special day beyond our expectations.

If you ever need a referral, have them call us.

Carol & Larry

Heather & Wayne

Dear Andy: June 17, 1999

We at the Bolton Chamber want to thank you again for "making" our auction dinner. Your humor, quick patter and enthusiasm for the community of Bolton Landing are appreciated. You do a great job. Keep us posted on the barbershop festival.



Andy Pratt:

Thanks so much for making our wedding day an unforgettable one. You showed some real backbone by continuing to play the grooms selections when it looked like they weren't going over well. You had my complete support! Thanks also for allowing my sister to do "Mustang Sally". You did a great job.

Bob and Julie

Lynn: October 9, 1999

Some people have a talent for giving their very best, for bringing a special joy to life... Some people like you. You were absolutely wonderful! Everyone had such a terrific time. We just wanted to thank you again for making our wedding day a memorable one.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Green

Andy and Lynn:

Thank you for providing a wonderful & perfect music service for our wedding. Everyone commented on how great you both were. Also, thanks for letting the best man begin fulfilling his dream as a solid gold "worm dancer"

It was great!

Valerie & James

Dear Mr. Pratt: January 28, 2002

I know a lot of people contributed to organize the recent QES Airband Shows (yes, your wife included! :-),

However, it is to you I must write because it was you who my children (Sophia- "Ray Charles" and Julia- "Michelle Branch") looked to for strength and understanding. We had never viewed or participated in the airband before. My children do not take dance or private music lessons. I was surprised they were interested in performing in this show. And, I am grateful that they did. SO thank you for being an inspiration to them. Thank you for your willingness to spend time with the kids and help make them feel they are great, they can make people clap and smile and that they can get up on a stage and be someone truly special for a few moments in time.

But, that's just it - those few moments leave a very lasting positive impression in their minds because you told them they are wonderful and they could do this. Thank you so very much.


Mrs. Maggie Bioncelli

Lynn & Andy

I think it's a sign of the wonderful time and musical selection enjoyed by all of us that the night was over before we knew it! Your professionalism was obvious to all and we received many comments from our guests saying so.

Best of luck for the future & the barbershop festival


Dear Lynn & Andy: 8-15-02

Thank you so much for helping make our wedding day so memorable and enjoyable! Everyone loved the music, and I think the dance floor was crowded at all times! I didn't want you to stop playing! You two are the best-thanks!


Dear Lynn:

Thank you for being such an important part of Jessica & Blaine's wedding!


Suzanne and Jim

Andy: 11/02

Thank you for a fun-loving enjoyable wedding! We have the best photos because of you! The guests, family and friends had a BLAST! Everyone has commented on how much fun they had and how they loved the DJ! We truly appreciate your talent and hope the very best for your future.


Michele & Joe

Lynn and Andy Pratt:

Michey and I would like to take this time to thank you for your services at out August 4, 2000, wedding. Your services were excellent and really made our day a memorable occasion. You definitely come highly recommended and we will continue to spread the word.

Thank you very much!


Jamie & Michey

Dear Andy:

It was a delight for my husband and I to plan our daughter Allison's wedding. We spoke to and worked with Lois on the boat, Sue at Evelyn's Florist, Paul Saunders the photographer but you were the only person to have dealt directly with Allison and Scott. I knew if I worked with you myself, we would have had Frank Sinatra and Barbara Streisand all night!

You are truly a remarkable disc jockey. How you knew what to play, I have no idea. You would have had to be a mind reader to communicate with my children, and apparently you were, because the music was perfect!

The morning of the wedding Allison handed me a list of music. I looked at it (and her) in horror. I couldn't believe she was doing this on the day of her wedding. It didn't matter because you took care of everything. You were professional and easy to work with. How you pulled off this wedding I have no idea. When people told us to get Andy Pratt because he's the best, they knew what they were talking about. You made our wedding a once in a lifetime experience. You years of experience really were put to the test here. You passed with flying colors.

We thank you so much,




We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for playing a key role in the success of our family boat cruise. Our teammates are still talking about it! Thank you for keeping the atmosphere fun and family oriented!

T579 Events Committee

Target Stores Inc.

Andy & Lynn,

I apologize for not getting to you sooner. I want to thank you for making Tammy and Scott's wedding so special and lots of fun. Lynn, I never met you before but I loved your style and being so accommodating with the kids and their "air guitar band" (we got some great shots). I wish you the best of luck with your new family member that's coming soon. Andy, thank you so much for coming after your long day in Bolton Landing. We will definitely recommend you both to anyone looking to have the best DJs in the Glens Falls area.



Hi Andy,

I Just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the "wonderful" job you did at Greg and Jenn's wedding on Saturday. We have been to so many weddings where the DJ has made the day but none were as great as you. The Music was perfect and the fun things you did added so much to the celebration. YOU'RE THE BEST!!! As a side note, when I found out that you were Barbara Pratt's son you became even more special. Your mother was my kindergarten teacher in Lake George and some of my best school memories were the musical times I spent playing in her kindergarten band. I played the tambourine!!!! I come from a very large family and many of my sisters and brothers were taught by your Mom and those that were not were Mrs. Pratt wannabes. Please tell her that the "Conrad kids" said hello. Again Andy, thank you so much for making Greg and Jenn's reception so great. We will always remember you!!


Jackie and Tim Dunn


Thanks for great entertainment. Tons of compliments. You're the best.


Stacey Dobb (Manager of Jimbo's Club at the Point)


Many Thanks! No word's can express the gratitude we have for the job you do. YOU make the show! The response we got was incredible. We hope you realize how valuable you are to our show. The time you took to come in the morning of superintendent's conference day and then to stay and put up the laser lights. YOU ARE THE BEST!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Chris and Theresa

Dear Andy,

We just want to thank you for the wonderful job you did at Erika's wedding. You are a great professionaland I can tell you really enjoy what you do. The Star Wars Theme

was a big hit with the groom. Thank you again for helping make such wonderful memories. Good luck with that new baby in a few months.

Diane and Morgan Snyder


Thank you very much for making our reception a success! Everyone complemented me on the music and the format, it was great!

Thank you,

Susan Sanchez (Michaud)

Hi Andy,

Just wanted to say great job at our wedding! We have received many compliments on our wedding and our DJ. Great job, thanks for everything.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Patnode

Dear Andy,

We wanted to say thank you for the WONDERFUL job you did at our wedding reception on June 18th. As you can see by the attached photos we all had one hell of a time! Everyone is still talking about what a good time they had. We could have probably danced until 1 in the morning that night the way everyone was going!

And thank you for all the updates before we got there on the weather and water issues. It was very kind of you to take time out of your schedule and keep us updated.

Take care and thank you again wholeheartedly.

Erica and Leif